By Aiden T., Grade 5

Have you read An Unexpected Twist, Part 1 and Part 2?

I remember that day… the day that my sister died… that was two months ago. After that I gave up any pity for every single thing, dead or alive. I am their leader now. The leader of a small group of boys. The only girl I ever found was a few weeks ago and she was the first brave one in our group. We were in the grocery store collecting food in the baked good section. They attacked us. First attack we had ever had. All we had was my father’s machete and a couple boards with nails we found. She sacrificed herself because they were already closing in on us. Because they already took someone else’s life. I know who killed them. It was her. The same girl that had already ruined my life. After that incident we all made an oath never to speak of them again. We may have taken that oath, but I could never keep it. I could never forget about my sister or dad or mum. Every person who died never was spoken about again.

“The bloody monsters are here!” screamed one of the most experienced zombie fighters I ever found.

“Everybody, get at your stations!” I screamed.

The war started with a few old ladies that smelled putrid from the first second they entered.

“It’s the screamers!” shouted Alex. “Cover your ears!”

The screamers were a unique breed of flesh eating horrors that screamed so loud, one of our boys head literally exploded on the spot.

“They sicken me.” I muttered. “Alex you go behind the left one and I’ll take the right one!”

“Aww boss, why me?” he complained.

“Cause if you don’t do it, I’ll throw you to them!” I threatened.

“Right, oh yeah, I’m over there!” He suddenly changed his mind about me. I heard a low growling noise and I turned around. Not a chance. Its fangs were already in my face. I was dead…

To Be Continued… in An Unexpected Twist, Part 4