By Caleb P., 5th Grade       

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A rumor has been made around the internet and the sports sidewalk  that the Denver Broncos will have a new design on their uniforms in a 2015.  So, the company, Nike, will take over the uniform design, colors, and logo.  This means orange will not be their main color anymore. The Broncos are doing this because every time the Broncos have worn their orange jerseys to a Super Bowl, they have lost. It’s like the orange color is cursed. The rumor first hit when it was posted on the Broncos subreddit by Reddit user trash432a who said:

“One of my very good friends and fraternity works for a company called Hydrographics. HGI works for a conjunction with many sport outfitters (especially Nike) and is the leading company in helmet design in this nation. …I called up my buddy and asked him if there was any truths about the rumor. Here’s what he had to say:

“Yes, Broncos are getting new uniforms. This has been in the making since Nike took over. Until this past Sunday’s events, orange was to be their primary. Orange is no longer their primary as of Monday morning and Nike has been green lit to test a new color scheme. Uniforms have a deadline to 2015 draft. This is the longest uniform project Nike has ever undertaken, and just like 1997, Broncos will be given a template completely unique to them, not even Oregon will have this template in a couple of years. A new logo is in the making.  Phil Knight wants the Broncos to be the Oregon of the NFL.  The team holds a special place in his heart as the first football team to let Nike have complete control over a design.”

What do you think? Would you like to see the Denver Broncos as “Oregon of The NFL” and how do you feel about the Broncos changing their colors and logo?  Write your comments below.