You can see Taco again in these stories: Flying TacoFlying Taco (part 2) and Flying Taco (part 3).

By: Katie W., 3rd Grade

Ah, yes! Here we are! Taco had his little laptop and carried it just so it wouldn’t fall. The pencil bag had no pencils inside it that Taco could see. The pencil bag had a mesh cover like a window so Taco, Lizz, and Tizz could see outside. Then Kit put Melody in her big blue shopping bag at the very bottom. Melody immediately curled up into a ball. Kit gave her food and water. The pencil bag was put inside Kit’s big blue shopping bag, mesh side up, on top of Melody. “Hey! Where can I go?” complained Matt. “If you keep complaining like that, you’re going to get shoved into a chihuahua’s crate, you big dog!” snapped a sharp voice. Lizz slipped out of the pencil bag with Taco asleep in her arms. Lizz shook him awake, startling Taco, causing him to scream with fright. He figured out that he was in Lizz’s arms and felt that he was safe– for now.

Taco stood up and found Larry glaring at him like the time before. Taco returned Larry a lethal stare for the first time with his bright blue eyes. The weather had changed frightfully from a happy sunny day, to black rainstorm clouds, and sharp, crackling, lightning. Tizz had come out onto the top of the bag, hopping onto a branch. Tizz’s eyes had turned from the pretty blue color, to black and yellow, which described that stormy night. Lizz, Melody, Taco and Kit had noticed the change in Tizz’s eyes, but Lizz knew she could control the weather with her feelings. “Tizz you must stop this now!” screamed Lizz. “I mean it!” “No, I protect my friends!” replied Tizz. “And especially this one!” Taco and Larry were fighting in a heap. Tizz jumped down and said “Run Taco!” Taco pushed himself out of the way, just in time. Larry got some nasty scratches. Taco had some himself, too and he was missing some of his lettuce. “Now do you regret what you did to him?” growled Tizz pinning Larry onto the branch. “Yes. I do regret it.” said Larry forgivingly.

“Why do you dislike Taco?” asked Tizz, letting him get up. “I’m sort of jealous of him.” said Larry shakily. “Why are you jealous?” asked Tizz. “I really want to go on adventures, like him.” replied Larry. “Then how come you were mean to him in your childhood?” asked Tizz with a sharp edge to her voice. “I wanted to be better than him.” said Larry. “You can join the adventure, but you have to do something amazing that most tacos can’t do.” said Tizz. “Okay. That’s easy!” replied Larry excitedly. And at that moment Larry grew wings so big that he could wrap them around his shell. His wings were as white as snow with bird feathers. Taco grew the same wings too, and Kit re-stuffed him with a little lettuce and tomato. “Fine. You can join us, but don’t you dare attack Taco again. You got that?” growled Tizz. “Yes.” said Larry. “I promise.” “Well then let’s go!” said Lizz. “Oh, let’s skip the walking. Allow–“said Tizz but Lizz interrupted her. “Let’s walk into a wide area with nothing around it.” “Wait,” said Kit. “Let’s all go into the house, except for you, Tizz.” The reason Kit told Tizz to stay out was because Kit knew what Tizz was going to do.(I can’t tell you yet. That would be spoiling it.) “Okay. I’ll climb up to the roof.” said Tizz. Everyone got into the house and prepared for the trip.

Taco, Larry, Lizz, and Melody (who was still sleeping)were still in Kit’s shopping bag. Everyone ran into the house, and Kit got onto her bed, which had a basket under it. She put her bag under her bed in the basket. There was just enough room for Matt to get under Kit’s bed. Tizz changed the weather from a sunny day, to a small tornado, which only effected the house.  (Now I can tell you what would have happened if Tizz was in the house and started the tornado. She would have made a tornado inside the house, taking them out of the house, but it would make Kit’s house a mess.) It swiped the house off of the patch of grass that Kit’s house was on, and shook the lemons and cherries off of the ground. Kit had forgot that the windows were slightly open, and all the cherries and lemons flew in. “What in the world!?” said Kit. She ran over and quickly shut the window all the way. “Well, looks like we have a supply of cherries and lemons for food!” laughed Kit. “What?” asked Melody in a fatigued voice. “She said we have a supply of lemons and cherries.” squeaked a mouse, poking its head out of a hole. “Delicious, if you ask me.” “No! You little mouse escaped me again!” said Melody, suddenly jumping up, and running toward the mouse, causing the pencil bag to fly into the air. Lizz, Tizz, Taco, and Larry felt a little bit sick because of this.

The poor little mouse scurried under the brown couch, Melody had not seen the couch, so she ran headfirst into it(don’t worry about Melody, the couch is soft and she’ll be okay). “Whoa!” said Melody, in a dizzy voice. “Wait, it stopped. The tornado stopped!” shrieked the mouse with joy. Taco climbed out of the pencil bag and jumped onto the floor. “Nice to meet you.” he said. “My name is Taco.” “Oh, I’ve been hearing all about you, Taco. I saw you in the newspaper! I’m a big fan of you!” squeaked the mouse. “My name is Kim.” “Wait for me Taco!” yelled Larry, running out of the bag. “Who’s that?” said Kim. Taco whipped around and saw Larry racing toward him. “Hey, I’m a news reporter! Come to my knothole some time!” said Kim. “What?!?! This is not what I expected!” said Larry. “Let’s get moving!” said Kit, scooping up Taco, Larry, and Kim. Kit walked out the door, Lizz and Tizz looked out of the mesh cover, and everyone’s jaw dropped. “It’s beautiful.” whispered everyone in unison. (Unison means altogether.) Where they landed excites me! It was a jungle with vines hanging everywhere like a green curtain. The trees had so many low branches, that even Taco could jump from limb to limb without any trouble, and it would be perfect shelter for Lizz and Tizz. There were many empty holes in the trees where Taco and Larry could live, but they would have to climb to get to them, it was perfect, though, because they would be safe. The house was in a clearing with space around it. Just about enough for Kit to have a picnic or make a tent.

This jungle would be the perfect match for Taco and his companions. They could all live in peace and have fun. If you were Taco, what would you do in the jungle? I would definitely meet all the animals in the jungle and find out which ones are safe or not.  If you could be in the jungle with Taco and you as a human, what would you do? I would swing on vines and have fun with Taco and his friends.  Well, that’s how this story ends, BUT there’s many more mini Taco stories coming soon since Taco’s adventures never truly end.