By Aiden T., 5th Grade

Have you read An Unexpected Twist, Part 1?

Seconds after the encounter with Grandpa Richard… “Is someone there?” No answer. “Hello?” Again, not a soul answered. Must have just been my imagination, I thought. Plus anyone that might be out there would have probably tried to eat me by now. Just like my sister… no I don’t want to get into what happened to her. I had a more important mission:  get food. That would  be harder than finding out what happened. Ok, what’s the closest place that has food and minimizes the zombies?  There was a 7-Eleven down the road, but there would probably be a lot of… things there that wouldn’t help. “Yes!” I shut my mouth. I could go to the grocery store a few blocks away, and there wouldn’t be anybody there because the grocery store was closed on Sundays. I started running, but I stopped. Unless I was expecting to be killed, I would need weaponry. I could use the chainsaw in our basement… nah, too gory. There was a sewing shop… I don’t think needles will help. Then I got the perfect idea, I could use the machete in my dad’s room. It would be a dangerous journey, but I think I could make it. I full-out sprinted toward the garage, which I knew was the safest possible way in. Instantly I heard that same voice I heard a few miles back, except it wasn’t a voice, it was a scream. It was also hard to make out because it sounded like their transformation to a zombie was almost complete. I saw her… standing there, writhing in pain. The last thing she saw was me just staring and falling down in tears. “My sister,” I thought.

I couldn’t stand it until…

TO BE CONTINUED… in An Unexpected Twist, Part 3