By Aiden T., Grade 5

Editor’s warning: ¬†Although you can’t tell from the opening sentences, this story includes some scary parts.

Chicken is a very useful, delicious, feathery bird that people all around the world eat. Many Americans love chicken nuggets, chicken haystacks, and most of all Kentucky fried chicken. Not only the meat is useful, the other thing people like from chickens is… eggs! Eggs can be cooked in almost any way too! So next time you… “HELP!!! ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE!” Suddenly my school paragraph about my favorite food was interrupted by blood-thirsty freaks. Then I remembered my sister. “Elizabeth!” I shouted. I heard a blood-curdling scream from two rooms away. I raced to the door, grabbed my baseball bat and hit the door down, (although that wasn’t necessary, I felt like being a S.W.A.T. guy) and ran into the hallway… my first big mistake. Everyone sleeping over for the family reunion turned around. They were at my sister’s door, and started for me.

I just realized they already were walking out of her room’s direction. Either she was taken by them or she jumped out of our three story window. Any of the other options would mean certain death, unless…”No,” I shook my head. She was only five; she wouldn’t be able to have as much power to… never mind that, I had at least 20 killer zombie shuffling towards me at a whole 1 mile per hour. Wait a second, that was it! I could run past them with ease because their broken down limbs were unable to move fast. There was only one obstacle in the way now and that was the zombified Uncle Joe. A swift hit in the head made him crumble to the ground. “Sorry Uncle Joe.” I whispered.

Suddenly, I fell to the ground remembering all the good times Joe and I had together. And I got back up. I was full of rage, and when I stood up so bravely, even my undead Grandpa Richard backed up a little. The only thoughts flowing through my head were,”You don’t know where your sister is,” and “Probably everyone in the world is dead now.”