By Clayton R., Grade 4

(Tip for reading this article:  Imagine llamas playing football.)

Chapter 1

It all started on a Sunday night.  It was the 1-in-5  Seattle Seallamas vs. the 5-in-1 Baltimore Raveamas.  It was a crazy game. Joe Llama, of the Raveamas, had the worst game of the season. He had two interceptions and one fumble. But his competitor, Russell Wama, had one of his best games. He had five pass touchdowns and a running touchdown and no interceptions. The Seattle Seallamas had their second win.

The Seattle Seallamas were happy they won another game, but they have to play a game against the Newllama Patriots, which is the best team in the NFL.  But the Seallamas will still have to play them so the Seallamas have to practice.

Chapter 2

The game was tonight. It was a showdown. The score was tied 24-24 the Seattle Seallamas had the ball with fifteen seconds left.  They had to score to win the game. They ran for a first down and got it, then they called a timeout. When they got back on the field, they threw a pass and scored. They won the game!  It was a surpriseing win for the Seallamas, but they didn’t care if everybody thought they would lose.  They are on a 2-and-0 run.

Chapter 3

Their next game was against the Cleveland  Llowns. The Seallamas had a easy game; they should win.  The game is in the fourth quarter and the Seallamas were wining 38 to 7.  The Seallamas won the game! It was a blow out. They were now going to Llamsas City to play the Chiefs. But you’ll have to go to our blog to see more.