By Katie W., 2nd Grade

All of you have heard about Taco. If you have not, be sure to read it first. I’m going to get on with the story. Taco was lost and it was hailing. He didn’t want to get soggy, so he ran into a school which he thought was shelter. Of course school wasn’t out and a teacher was absent. Her name was Mrs. Marie. There was no one to take her place. Meanwhile Taco was thinking. He decided to take her place. He knew it was dangerous but he would try. As soon as he walked in all the children started licking their lips. What should happen to him?

He ignored that and said, “Hello, I’m Mr. Taco, I will be your substitute today. We will be doing mostly math with some reading here and there.” The children of course did not obey. They started to scream, yell and do all sorts of inappropriate things. Taco said in his loudest voice, “Everyone go to the office and see the Principal!” The children still didn’t listen so Taco looked at the list for the substitute at what the class should do first. The teacher’s note said that if the children didn’t listen that the substitute should do math first and anyone who didn’t listen would get a spoonful of seriously hot powder to swallow.

Taco shuffled around in the teacher’s desk looking for the hot powder. Finally, after what seemed like a hundred hours, Taco found a big red bottle marked hot jalepeno powder. He said “Children, please be quiet or this taco will make your life very spicy.” Everyone laughed at that thinking it was a huge joke. Suddenly they knew he was serous and meant business. Some people were still talking, and he made them swallow the powder. As soon as it touched their tongues they raced right down the hallway running, looking for ice cold water to drink. But, for the rest of the class, they got an extra recess, they watched a movie, they ate sweets. Taco let them do whatever they pleased to do, and they each got a present that was, m&ms, a Hershey’s candy bar, 6 Recess peanut butter cups, 2 bags of lollipops, and 20 chocolate dipped strawberries. And for the kids that were being loud, they had to write “I will not be loud” 200 times and do so much math until they behaved. As Taco was walking outside, he heard a very loud barking! ” YIKES!” said Taco. Facing this huge thing (not so huge to us) he said (bravely)” I’m not afraid of YOU! By the way, where the heck am I!? “New York City.” Replied the dog. Taco said “May I please stay with you?” “Sure!” Taco hopped into the bag and was carried to the dog’s home. THIS IS NOT THE END! Part 3 will come very, very soon.