By Travis P., 4th Grade  

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The Lego Movie is the newest most awesome movie in the world – that’s what I think. If The Lego Movie goes world wide it wold be in the top 10 movies in the world most likely. The Lego Movie is a great family movie and if you go to see it make sure you go with family and friends. In the title I said THE LEGO MOVIE & GAME. The game is something I got the day after I watched the movie. The Lego Game gets you more details like how they did this and that and you can do it. The sad thing is that most new games are 39 .99. But the Lego game is only 24 .99. Well thats how much I bought the game maybe it was a half price thing. This is the trailer for the game and you can find the trailer for the Lego movie on IMDB. The Lego movie game is really fun but if you have a 3DS don’t get it on it it is not that fun.I think they should make the Lego movie two because there is a part at the end I am not going to say what happens but I would call the movie.The Lego Movie Two Attack of the Duplo Aliens.If you don’t like the movie you may try the game if you just like to play Lego games.

I hope all of you that read this will watch this amazing movie.


    This is a sentence just for the link to the trailer for the Lego movie video game.