A pinto horse standing nest to a lime green flying pig on a toilet

Pickles and Cookie, by Avery and Natalie (respectively). Toilet by John.

By Natalie H. and Avery M., 5th grade

Did you hear about the duck who lives in Avery’s bathtub? We didn’t think so. His name is Linda, but we’re not talking about him. No, we’re talking about his girlfriend, Pickles. She is a lime green flying pig who lives in Avery’s toilet. She has a big fat tail. Pickles likes to jump through hoops, grow small, swim, and eat. She likes to eat pickles.

Next up…  Cookie!  Cookie is Natalie’s pet horse. Guess what her name is. It’s Cookie. She lives in Natalie’s shower. One thing that Cookie likes to do in her free time is run up to Avery’s house and eat her bed. So if you ever wonder why Avery’s bed has teeth marks on it, now you know! Did we mention that Cookie is a pinto horse? That means that she has big spots all over her. She likes to eat cookies. Not just any cookies: snicker-doodles.

Those are our amazing imaginary pets. What are yours?  Leave a comment below!