By Travis P., first grade

My favorite Lego video game was Lego Universe Online. You could go to other planets and galaxies. You could go on missions. My favorite mission was Learn Spinjitsu. Spinjitsu is the kind of moves that the Lego Ninjas do to beat enemies. The Lego Ninja names are Jay, Kai, Zane and Cole. Jay is the master of lightning. Kai is the master of fire. Zane is the master of ice. Cole is the master of Earth. Where the ninjas live on a planet called Ninjago and there’s an underworld where you can fight. If you want to see more about Ninjago, go to and click on Ninjago.

Lego Ninjago characters


In the second season, there is a samurai.  The ninjas are jealous because the samurai has a really cool XO suit.  They find out that Nya is the samurai, and then they are not jealous anymore.  Nya was the mysterious samurai because she was helping the ninjas on Destiny’s Bounty. The Destiny’s Bounty is a flying ship that the ninja travel on.  Nya is Kai’s sister.