By Katie W., 4th Grade
Say hi to Creeper

Minecraft is awesome inside and out. I usually play in creative, but some of you crafters play in survival. Minecraft’s signature mob is a Creeper. SSSSSSST! BOOM! To me they’re really cool when they DON’T EXPLODE!!! Craftin’ Facts: 1. Did you know that old time Minecraft had one type of tree? 2. Did you know that in old Minecraft there was no Creative? 3. Did you know that there were no horses in old Minecraft? 4. Did you know the reason chickens have flat beaks is because they were meant to be ducks? Well enough with the did you knows, onto updates. Updates mean lots of things to crafters: new blocks, new mobs, new commands, and completely new stuff, plus more new stuff. The update that completely¬†changed the world just came out! New music, new flowers, new trees, new flowers, new blocks, new commands, etc.

Every crafter knows about the Ender Dragon and he is the FINAL BOSS of Minecraft. Some of you might think this is silly, but I visit him every now and then(in Creative of course). In survival my brother made a rainbow bridge in the End leading to an observatory. It took 3 days to complete it then I checked it out in Creative. IT WAS AWESOME!!! Guess¬†what? The Ender Dragon hasn’t even touched it at all.

Well, happy crafting, and I hope that you don’t fall into lava when mining for diamonds. Tip: Never ever ever ever ever dig straight down. And those who haven’t played Minecraft, well, I hope you learned something about it.