By: Travis P., 4th Grade

Minecraft is so cool. I don’t know completely how to explain it, but I will try. Here we go.

Minecraft is the world of blocks. You can build anything. If you want to play creative at least. The way you talk is called chat. To chat you press T and it opens up the chat. Oh I said there will be a link to the website here it is. Just click the Minecraft link to go to the website to watch the trailer to find out more about Minecraft. When you chat you can also do commands by adding a / (slash) before words. Here is the list of commands:

/gamemode c-or-s-or-a

/gamerule press tab


/summon press tab


There are 4 different game modes.

  1. Survival. The mode that means you got to survive the night from those mobs. By the way, mobs are the evil things that try to hurt you and they only spawn at night.
  2. Creative. The mode that you just get creative you have no hearts. You have all the blocks and no limit to building.
  3. Adventure. The mode that you cant start in because you can’t break blocks. So you would just die on the first night. It is in the game because there are things called adventure maps and the map maker does not want you to break blocks to be able to cheat or change the map they made.
  4. Hardcore. The hard mode you can start in, but if you die you lose that world and then you are forced to delete it.

What else can I talk about……Oh, I know:  servers!  Servers are the multiplayer setting in Minecraft.  Now here are some of my favorite servers.

Those are my favorite servers. That is most everything I know but other stuff you can see for your sell. I hope you check out Minecraft soon.