Kids working on laptops and on paperBy Kirsti and the whole publishing group

Here are our decisions about what we need and what we can do to make our group work well and do our best work:

Any Time:

  • Cooperate!
  • Focus!
  • Ask before leaving the room, for any reason
  • Keep your hands to yourself
  • Respect other’s ideas and materials
  • Don’t talk louder than you need to. If you need to talk to someone across the room, go to them, don’t shout.

When Someone is Speaking to the Whole Group

  • Stop what you’re doing
  • Be quiet
  • Look at the speaker – shut your laptop if you need to!
  • Keep your hands quiet – fold them or sit on them if you need to!

When We’re Handling Equipment

  • Carry your computer close to you, closed, and with two hands.
  • No pushing or bumping or running. Let people carrying computers go first.
  • No food or drinks at the computers
  • Take turns and share materials
  • Don’t delete or change other people’s work
  • Put materials back when you’re finished with them

When it’s Time to Clean Up

  • Clean up starts at 2:35. Everyone helps.
  • Save your work, in the blog or on your thumb drive
  • Quit every open application on your computer.  (You can use command + tab and command + Q to do this quickly.)
  • Clean up the computer desktop – save or delete everything there.
  • Put materials back where they belong
  • Put chairs on the tables

Coming soon:

When We’re Working or Communicating Online

  • We can…

When We Need Help

  • We can…

When Someone Else Needs Help

  • We can…