by Katie, 2nd grade

Box of Cuties at Albertsons

The squishier the orange, the juicier it is, but watch out–it may trick you though. Peel the orange carefully, I don’t want you to have eye surgery just because of a orange! Next, feel the slice of orange and look at it closely. If you see anything like bubbles, its juicy! Try fancy tricks like prying open the orange with your teeth. Eat the piece that is sticking up then use both thumbs to open the orange. Inside you’ll find pulp. Then tear off the thin white part (I like to eat the thin white part) and you will find an orange pulp shape. The segments inside are like half moons. Here comes the fun part, EATING IT! You will find Cuties at grocery stores, including

Albertson’s, Costco and Market of Choice. Look for them so you can eat them! 🙂