drumsby Sophia B., 4th grade

Hi everyone! At school I’m starting a band called Yell Hello. It’s super awesome. I got Grace, Nora, and Emily on the key board. They’ll also do some synthesizing on my korg. I have Anelie on the electric guitar and recorder. I will be the drummer, since drumming is how I roll. We’ll take turns being vocalists in the front with the mic. Have you heard of Ingrid Michaelson? She’s a really good artist. We’re gonna make a cover for one of her songs, Be OK. There’s another song I made up, Another Cloudy Day. A few nights ago we made up a song called Whay-oh. Last of all the songs, this song does not have a name. First, it has a soft piano tune. With the last low note of the tune, it starts to fade off, and into a rapid beating of drums. The drum beats start to assemble themselves into a slow, more steady pattern while the electric guitar plays. We haven’t decided on any lyrics or even a tune for them. Once we get the song together, we can name it.