You can place an ‘ad’ in the Edison Light Bulb in exchange for a donation (in any amount) to our scholarship fund.  The goal of this is not only to fund scholarships, but also to give the kids a chance to do what it takes to make the ad – talk with the ‘client,’ design the ad, etc.

If you request to place an ad, we’ll find a student to work with you on the ad.  You can give them as much or little leeway as you like in designing your ad.  Ads can be up to a quarter page, but feel free to request dimensions: tall and narrow (9″ h x 1.9″w), short and wide (2.5″ h x 7.5″ w), or almost square (4.5″ h x 3.75″ w).  Your ad will also appear as posts on our blog, with a thank you for your donation (anonymous if you prefer) and a credit to the student designer.

Please contact us if you’d like to place an ad.  Here are some examples of previous ads designed by our students: