Parent volunteer helps a studentParents (grandparents, etc.!) are always welcome to visit our class or to volunteer – no experience necessary.  We prefer if you let us know in advance, but drop-ins are always welcome.

Peers and siblings may accompany an adult visitor and stay as long as they are not disruptive, but please remind them that they are observers.

Volunteers and visitors are expected to follow the same common-sense guidelines as our students:

  • keep conversations at a low volume
  • anytime anyone addresses the whole group, stop what you’re doing, look and listen
  • offer help or feedback, but only give it if it’s welcome
  • if you have a question or aren’t sure what to do, ask!
  • help with clean up at the end of our work time

If you don’t have time to come in for a visit, you can still help out in many ways:

Thanks so much for supporting our program!