The Traveling Gum

By Desmond M., 3rd Grade

Hint: Click on each picture to see a close-up view!

Traveling Gum, part 1

There was once a piece of gum in a mall. One day a boy came and got it and ate it. He spit it out on the sidewalk. Another person stepped on it, drove to the airport and flew to Italy.

Traveling Gum, part 2

When he got to Italy, he saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Then he drove to the spaceship launch station and then got his space suit on. He launched to the moon with the gum still on his shoe. The gum falls off and an alien steps on the gum and flies off to Mars.

Traveling Gum, part 3

The alien flies back to the moon and the gum falls off. He flies away and another alien steps on it. The alien flies to Pluto and the gum falls off his shoe. The alien leaves and another alien steps on it and takes the gum back to Earth. It falls off his shoe and sticks to the sidewalk.

Traveling Gum, part 5

Then, it becomes the famous piece of gum that has been to space a lot! The end!