By Katie W., Grade 4

Hello. Here for some mysteries of Taco and his friends? Certainly. I always will share my stories with you. ‘Pat, pat pat’ Ahhh. Here we are. Mmhm. Just as I left it.

Taco felt himself float forward with a lurch. He had grown wings again!

“Ahhh!” screamed the guards, running with their hands waving in the air. (They screamed like girls.)

“I must get back to Kim before it’s too late!” said Taco, turning in the direction of the jungle.

“What about the others?” asked a voice beside Taco.

Taco turned his head to face those familiar, brown eyes that were once horrible, but now soft.

“Larry! What are you doing here?” asked a surprised Taco.

“Well, you know… Bros gotta save bros.” replied Larry, shrugging. “Those guards are ticklish!”

“And how do you know that?” asked Taco, putting his hands on his hips.

“Well…. I read it in the jungle cannibal book that Kit had. It said: Tickling is often used by the Oomozar as a punishment.” said Larry.


“It must be Kim! C’mon Larry! Quick!” said Taco, racing into the jungle, towards the scream.

They both flew into the jungle, darting and dodging through leaves and vines and tree trunks. When they arrived at the source of the scream, there was no one to be found except Kim and Lix.

“You fool. You might have gotten away the last time, but this time, oohh… This time, I will have my lunch!” said Lix, barring his teeth and licking his lips.

“You’ll never get me, you beast!” was Kim’s sharp reply.

As she said this, Taco and Larry swooped down and picked up Kim and she stuck out her tongue. ‘Pppth’. Taco and Larry, together, brought her back to the house and everyone was overjoyed.

“We missed you so much!” said the rest of the friends.

“It got so ugly between Kim and Lix, that we all couldn’t watch, so I tornadoed everyone out of there.” said Tizz, wincing.

“Well, it’s all over. I’m hungry! Can we please get something to eat? It is dinnertime, isn’t it?” asked Kim.

“Let’s all gather berries, bring them back, wash them, and then coat them in sugar. Tizz, Lizz, and Kim will look for plants that are edible, Mat, Melody, you’re with me coating the berries with sugar. Taco, Larry, you can clean the dishes when we are done, and in the meantime, you’ll help collect fruit other than berries.” ordered Kit.

Everyone tended to their jobs, and soon they had a delicious meal of plants, sugary berries, fresh picked fruit, and some sweet, flavorful, juice. They all had a great time, and for once, Melody got along with Kim, played  hide and seek together, Larry helped vacuuming with the help of Mat, Lizz and Tizz taught Taco how to carve sculptures out of wood, and everyone was happy… Completely happy.

Please tell me what you think about this fun story in comments. Thanks for reading my story of Taco and his friends. Here’s a secret: Taco’s stories never end. EVER. It may not look like it, but it just never does. 😉