By Katie W. Grade 4

If you remember from The Lost Lunchbox (Part 1), Davy was running from the mouse, also who was known as an evil shape-shifting shadow monster. (Her previous form was a penguin named Penny.) I’m going to give you the first sentence where I left off.

“Run!” yelled Robo coughing.

At this time, the mouse tripped over a twig, getting a mouthful of dirt, and getting into some scrapes.

“Peh!” spat the mouse, spitting out the wet dirt onto the ground.

“GO, GO, GO!!” said Davy. “Run until you can’t anymore! Go! I’ll deal with the mouse!”

Davy stopped running, and turned around, facing the mouse. The mouse sneered, showing all its yellow teeth.

“You are a fool to stop in front of the thing you fear most.” it said.

“I’m not a fool. You are the enemy.” said Davy, pointing a finger at the mouse.

The mouse snorted, wrinkling it’s nose.

“As a weak mouse, I do not have much power. But as a jaguar, I may run to my heart’s content without fatigue (tiredness). I will catch you, I will catch you!” taunted the horrible mouse, black shadow drifting like mist at it’s sides.

Davy took off, but the mouse’s shadow tentacles grabbed him by the legs and arms, reeling him in like a fish hooked on a fishing rod. Shadow was forced down Davy’s throat. Arms flailing, (waving) Davy tried to scream for help, but nothing came out.

“Davy! No! I’ll save you!” came Robo’s voice somewhere near Davy’s left.

“I’m not afraid of a robot as foolish as you!” came the creature’s voice all around Davy and was still echoing. “NO! STOP IT! AGHH!”

Before Davy knew what was happening the shadow tentacles loosened and Davy fell to the ground. Davy looked up, and all around. To his right was the most hilarious sight he had ever seen.

“AHG! NO! STOP!” said the creature in between  breaths and laughs.

“You may not be afraid of anything, but I know you are ticklish!” said Robo, laughing.

“Come on! I think you stunned her! Let’s go!” said Davy, motioning for Robo to follow him.

“Okay! I just have to finish her off!” replied Robo.

There were some more shrieks from the creature and metallic laughing from Robo.

5 minutes later…

“Are you sure this is the right house?” asked Davy.

“No.” said Robo. “Hey! Look at this!” Robo pointed to a blob of wings.

It was different shades of white, grey, and black. It appeared to be alive and moaning.

“Ung… Help me…” said the blob, moving slightly. “I’m smashed… Un-crumple me…”

“Sure…” said Davy.

Davy reached out, grabbed the thing gently, and set to work un-crumpling it.

“Thank you… said the thing. “I’m Scribble. Am I torn anywhere? If I am, please put some tape on me.”

“What are you?” asked Davy and Robo together.

“Who am I? I already told you. I’m Scribble. You can call me Scribb for short.” said Scribb.

“No! We said, what are you!” said Davy and Robo in unison. (unison means together, as you may know.)

“Ohhh! I thought you asked who I was. Well, I’m a shape-shifting light scribble creature. Also known as a Xixle, (Zix-uhl) my current form. Our worst enemys are the Styxs (Stikeses), shadow shape-shifting creatures. One was living in that school… Hmm.” said Scribb, thoughtfully. “I know this house pretty well. I’ll show you around.”

“Thanks.” said Davy, smiling kindly.

“Oh, no problem! I’m always happy to help you if you get lost around this big house. Just don’t listen to any red, blue or purple Xixles. They tend to be mean, horrible, bullies. Jerks!” said Scribb, returning the smile Davy had passed to her. “So, shall we get started? Or do you need some time to catch your breath?”

“No, but I’m kinda thirsty…” said Davy.

“And what about you? Are you thirsty?” Scribb asked Robo.

“Well,” said Robo, thoughtfully. “I guess I could use some electricity…”

“Certainly. Do you have a plug?” asked Scribb.

“A plug? I think I do, but I left it at the Sty-whateverit’scalled’s fortress.”

“Oh. The Styx’s fortress. Yeah. Horrible place. So you still have a plug-hole, right?” asked Scribb.

“Yeah.” replied Robo.

“Great!” said Scribb, excitedly. “You guys just wait a moment. I’ll be right back.”

Down the hall, they heard a crash and a scream.

“Eeeek!” came Scribb’s voice from down the hall.

“What’s wrong?” asked Davy and Robo at the same time, quickly.

“Oh, it’s just a dust bunny with a spider inside it. It jumped out at me, sticking to my wing. Does this house even get cleaned?! UGH! Get off, you stupid cobweb! Jeeze!” said Scribb, coming down the hall with a wingsfull of cords and plugs. Plopping them on the floor, she said, “This one looks right. Okay, turn around monsieur (translated, it means mister in French). Tell me where your plug-hole is.”

“It’s where my tail would be if I had a tail.” answered Robo.

“Alright! Your going to feel some extra weight; and… Ahha! There we go! Now let’s put some hot glue on that sucker! I won’t do it if you don’t want it, though…” said Scribb.

“Oh… Well what’s the point? It would drag behind me like a tail. But I’ve always wanted a tail…” said Robo thoughtfully.

“You could use it like a weapon against our enemies.” Davy suggested. “Maybe even electrocute them!”

“Okay! Attach it with hot glue. I’m ready.” said Robo.

“Alright! Here we go!” said Scribb.

Steam rose and the new Robo was behind it.

“Cool! I’m ready for the tour.” said Robo, excitedly.

“What were your names again?” asked Scribb.

“Oh, sorry for not introducing ourselves. That was rude of us…” said Davy.

“Oh. No problem!” said Scribb. “Continue.”

“He’s Robo,” said Davy, pointing to Robo. “And I’m Davy. Nice to meet you, Scribb.”

“Nice to meet you too! Wasn’t there something you needed, Davy? Oh right! It was water!” thought Scribb aloud. “We’ll pass by the kitchen anyway. Okay! This is the main hallway. That door on your left is the bathroom. Cozy little thing. The door on your right is the small bedroom. It has a couple of paintings. My favorite is the one with the buffaloes. Comfy bed.  Nice chair, and if you like to read, lots of books on the bookshelf. That is where your bedroom will be. Up ahead, is the kitchen, and the dining room. Great chairs, it’s also where we will be eating tonight. That, next to the dining room, is the living room. Pretty good furniture for a house that’s unused and old. A little coffee table and 2 brown couches. I love that table! Downstairs is the electronics and video game section. Uhg! A-A-A-CHO!”

Bless you!” said Davy.

“Thanks!” said Scribb, wiping her nose. “Sorry. Dust allergies. You guys wouldn’t mind dusting the house after this tour, would you?”

“No, not at all.” said Davy and Robo together.

“Okay! ONWARD! This is the basement. Great storage, but as dusty as heck! This is probably where you are going to find a lot of Xixles. Like I said, don’t listen to any of the blue, red, or purple Xixles. Don’t even attempt to un-crumple them or speak to them!” said Scribb, making a face. “Back to the basement. A cute little TV and some video games. There’s one rule before playing video games though. All your chores must be done. Upstairs now. To the attic! This part is my room, and I’m proud of it! I have the most colorful room in this grey house. I love this bed! The color! Hot pink and lime green go together well, don’t they? I just love my little watermelon bed!Bright yellow and striking sky blue carpet! And look! Bright yellow stars that glow that same color in the dark! Neon orange cabinets, bright red beanbag chair, bright yellow couch, and royal purple pillows to go with it!”

The room was so colorful, that it was close to blinding!

“Wow…” said Davy in a whisper.

“It’s… It’s… It’s just so colorful…” said Robo. “It’s almost blinding…”

“Oh! Sorry, put these on. They will let you see the color without being blinded.” said Scribb. “It’s a great defense mechanism. (Device.) Well, that’s that!”

Just then, a cold gust of wind came in through the front door.

“Someone’s coming!” whispered Scribb, ducking her head low. “Quick! All of you, under the bed! Feel around for a wooden latch, and push down. Don’t worry, I have a flashlight. Oh no! Jeena! JEENAAAA!!!”

“Yeah? What?” replied a voice from a Xixle standing in the doorway.

“Get in here!” whisper-screamed Scribb.

“Fine.” came Jeena’s voice.

She morphed into a sheet of paper, slipping under the bright colored bed.

“Follow me. I know this passage better than you, Scribble Xax. (Zacks)” said Jeena, morphing into her natural form.

Jeena was a neon orange and black Xixle. The orange was reflective and glow-in-the-dark. They all followed Jeena down the dark, musty, cobweb-filled passage, and soon they were in the bright sun.

“Get down! Someone’s coming!” said Jeena, ducking her head.

“Oh! So that’s where my lunchbox was the whole time! Silly me! I thought I put it in the lunchbox bin.” says a familiar voice: Davy’s owner! “What are these littile guys? Well, they must be Davy’s friends, so I’ll keep them too.”

“Oh! Well, looks like you found your lunchbox. Must’ve walked down here looking for you.” said a motherly voice.

Davy’s owner’s mother!

“Come on, let’s go home.” said the mother.

“Yeah, let’s go home.” said Davy’s owner.

And together, they walked home, holding hands  and smiling.

Behind them was the Styx: an evil, shadow shape-shifting creature, also known as Penny, the penguin, clenching her black fist, tightly. She was never seen again, and no one knows why. But I can tell you this for sure: No one liked her. Not even me, and if you ask anyone where she is, they won’t know. But I’ll tell you a secret: she vanished into thin air. Can you believe that? Thin air!

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