Dr. PearlBy Carmen P., Grade 5

Almost every Tuesday in my class we have cultural linguistics and a Professor from the University of Oregon comes to our class. His name is Dr. Pearl and he teaches us about the Bill of Rights. I have never had so much fun in school!!!!!!!  He is a brilliant guy and teaches us so much! He said when we finish going through all of the amendments of the Bill of Rights we will present to the school board! He has taught us about Habeas  Corpus, the right to privacy, rights to expression and a lot more! Dr. Pearl told us that in a school the principal can search your backpack without a search warrant.

My teacher Susan and Dr. Pearl  said the future of our country is in our hands and not many people know their rights.  Our country is in danger more than ever now and if we don’t choose to let our voice be heard then we can’t help our country.

Anyway at the end of the year we are going to present to the school board what we have learned. Hope you will join me and help our country!!!