By Katie W., 3rd grade

On Friday, the new owner of the mysterious safe was revealed. Jerry McCall the owner of RV Corral put in the winning bid of $4,415 to become the new owner of the safe.

Jerry McCall
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The safe was supposed to be opened on Friday at 8:30pm, but Mr. McCall delayed the opening until Tuesday evening at RV Corral. My source at RV Corral, Joe Bass said the exact time of the opening will be announced on Monday. When Mr. Bass was asked what he thought was inside the safe, he said that it might be something very valuable or something like old documents.

Roosevelt students were disappointed that the safe was not opened that night and let that be known with a shower of cupcakes, popcorn and luau necklaces. Their disappointment was understandable, but the extra time gives them a chance to win a 100 Grand Bar in our contest to make them feel better.

For more information on the discovery of the mysterious safe and to enter the contest, please see our earlier story The Secret Safe! This Might Be Your Chance To Win 100 Grand!. Make your best guess about the contents of the safe for your chance to win a 100 Grand Bar of your own!