By Katie W.

There are a lot of British foods out there, and I’ve tried some of them myself. Some are delicious, some are not the best, and some aren’t really good. First, there is bangers and mash.  Bangers are smoked sausage, and the mash is mashed potatoes (you can have gravy with the mash if you want). I really love bangers and mash.

Here’s another one of my favorites:  JAMMIE DODGERS!!!!!! They are awesome and yummy (for my opinion)! Jammie dodgers are shortbread cookies with jam in the middle. Here’s a recipe for Jammie Dodgers.  I just love British foods!

Also there is something called cottage pie. Then there is something called sheppard’s pie (try not to get these two mixed up). Cottage pie has beef, mash (mashed potatoes), grated carrots and cheese on top of the mash. Yum yum! Now sheppard’s pie has lamb instead of beef, but besides that, it has the same things as cottage pie (mash, grated carrots and cheese on top of the mash). I’ve only tried cottage pie and not sheppard’s pie.  Cottage pie is good though.

British foods are awesome! You can try some of these foods at home and see what you think. Hope you like them!


Bangers and mash (source: