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By Sarah S., 3rd Grade

I was in Japan for Christmas. In Japan, Christmas is not a big family thing. Still, there are a lot of decorations outside and in the malls. Some families give gifts to their children on Christmas. In the bakeries there are special Christmas cakes that have lots of frosting on them. Some people eat the cake on Christmas Eve. Many people eat Kentucky Fried Chicken for Christmas! One week after Christmas is New Years and that’s the time aunts, uncles, grandparents and parents give money to the kids in little special envelopes. Each envelope may have $30, $50, $100 or more in it! Relatives get together and have special meals. In the stores, a little before New Years, they sell special surprise bags for about $10 each. You can’t pick what’s inside them. In my bag there were stamps, legos, mini kites, notebooks, silly bands, and scrunches.My cuzins and I got 3 bags and traded the stuff inside it.My favorit part is the Chistmas lights. And that’s a regular Christmas and New Year in Japan.

Happy Winter!