a Boeing 747

This is a Boeing 747 (from jetphotos.net)

By James W., 5th Grade

Do you want to see a plane landing right over your head? Well, if you do then read on. In St. Martin, which is in the Caribbean, planes fly in around 10-15 feet above you. It’s a perfect place to take pictures of planes. (Don’t try to touch the plane.) But it’s not over yet. That’s just the landing. When the planes take off there’s a fence you can hang on to. When the planes take off you’re in for the ride of your life. There’s rocks flying at your face at 60 mph! It sounds scary but I’m going there. I’ll tell you more when I get back!

A map showing St. Martins (from operationworld.org)

a danger sign

But don’t do stupid stuff you could regret it. (from nycaviation.com)