south sudan image

Sudan (Image from CIA World Factbook)

By Keefe, Grade 5

I’m here to talk about the two new emerged countries, Kosovo and South Sudan.

Kosovo’s capital is Pristina, and South Sudan’s capital is Juba.

The reason South Sudan became a country is because Sudan was having a civil war and the government decided to just split Sudan up, so the civil war is over, but peace is fragile. Kosovo was having problems with Serbia, and Serbia broke up in to Kosovo. Like the former Yugoslavia, peace is fragile between Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, and Macedonia. But the government in Kosovo is building up, which makes an advantage for the citizens there. But in South Sudan, the government is slowly collapsing. That’s because it’s a poor country, and millions of citizens suffer. Kosovo is also poor, and citizens remain serious. Kosovo and South Sudan are very interesting. Be sure to read about them in atlases or the CIA World Fact Book!

picture of kosovo

(Image from CIA World Factbook)