See Adam’s video below!

By Avery M., 5th grade

This amazing video is by my awesome cousin Adam. He made it by stop-motion animation! He made it with Legos, and another cool fact he is only in 4th grade. I’m in 5th and I am so jealous of him. Now I should stop talking and show you an interview with the creator:

Q: How long did it take to make it?
A: Well it toke a lot of time because I had to make the pirate ship.
Q: How did you make it?  
A: Well I moved the the Legos and my dad took the picture.
Q: Did you make all the Lego models?
A: Yes I did.

Editor’s Note: Please be aware: this video contains sword fighting and a few Lego people who plummet to an untimely end!