By Isabel S. 5th Grade

I know that most of the 3-5 graders know what OBOB is. In case you don’t know, I am Isabel, and I am on the #2 OBOB team for Edison, THE DEVILS… I really encourage that even if you are not in OBOB, you should read the books on the list because they are all very well crafted. What I like about OBOB is that there isn’t a lot of pressure. It is just fun. If you are an OBOB fan and going into middle school next year, and don’t want to loose it, well, don’t worry there is OBOB through high school!! I highly recommend reading the OBOB books at least twice if you are in the competition, because you will be more familiar with them. Here are some tips:

1~ Never give away your team strategy, other teams could use your awesome strategy.

2~ Be respectful of the other teams, set a good reputation.

3~ Read all of your books, and cross over [meaning 2 people read the same book.]

4~ Have fun and be happy:)

5~OBOB stands for Oregon Battle Of the Books.