by Katie W., 2nd Grade

Once there was a taco named Taco. He was on someone’s plate. Suddenly, Taco grew wings made out of his taco shell. The person shrieked “AAAAAaaaahhhhhh!” as Taco flew away. Taco flew to Mexico, and wisely avoided birds and their nests as he flew. He was a very brave taco and never was afraid of anything except being eaten. That was his one fear. While he was in Mexico, Taco had bought a Mexican hat, that could plug into a light bulb! It glowed in the dark! His new name in Mexico was, El Taco. He visited his friends, then, he decided to go to Antarctica to see what was there.

He finally landed in Antarctica where he saw the strangest tacos that he had ever seen. (They were penguins, not tacos.) He was freezing and wished he had a blanket to warm up. Suddenly, a beautiful sky blue fairy with a blue silk dress which was freezing as well, had appeared. She would give him six wishes if he would find her in town, then she’d do anything for him! But she said, ”It’s dangerous out there, Taco, I’d rather have you stay.” Taco said, ”Alive, yes your Majesty, but I’ve got work to do for you!”

”Away with you then!” said the fairy angrily.

”Sorry.” said Taco, ”But,I-I-I’m-” shuttered Taco

”Shhhhh’‘ said the fairy, gently laying a warm blanket on top of Taco and slipping a pillow under his head. And clicked her fingers three times.”POOF!” A wolf appeared right before her, looking hungrily at Taco. Oh no! thought Taco. ”Oh all right,” said the fairy, dropping a piece of meat in front of the wolf, who had cleaned his bowl now asking for seconds and she signaled the wolf, ”Take care of this taco, or I’ll only give you bones of meat and don’t eat him!” The wolf nodded yes, after she left, Taco, was out of sight. The wolf howled for help.Fairy returned and found the wolf crying.The wolf spilled out his sad tale,”I was listening to you, and as soon as you were done talking, he flew away I don’t know were he went.” ”WA!” cried the wolf ”and now you will only feed me bones” “No.” said Fairy”Thank you for not lying!” “I’ll give you six wishes because you didn’t lie to me!” “THANK YOU!!”said wolf. Mean while Taco flew to Canada happily and found a mouse named Ralph who lived in Mountain View Inn and was lucky that he had Room service. Taco got to ride a motorcycle and Keith made a crash helmet for Taco. Ralph and Taco were both friends and wanted to go see the ground floor. They were all over Ralph’s mother. Until she gave in and said yes. One hour later they came back happy but exhausted.Then Ralph asked for Taco to be in his family she said yes, Ralph was so excited he jumped on Taco. He tumbled with Taco and was so happy he wanted to stay there. But one morning he secretly went out of the mouse hole, and was looking for his mom, but he only found his uncle.(sad….)His uncle told Taco about his mother and that she was eaten he had to live with his uncle, but he was happy with him.