By Alex K. and Zyan M., 3rd grade

Thief stealing a bike

Thief from; bike from

Alex and Zyan lost their  bikes. Zyan’s bike was at Alex’s house because he was having a sleep over. The next morning when we woke up, we went outside and our bikes were gone. A few weeks later Soren found both bikes in an alleyway. Then, the police came to the alley and picked up Alex’s bike, but not Zyan’s. Alex and his mom (Lisa) went to the police unit to pick it up and then left to go back home.

Some Advice:

  • Do not leave your bikes in your front yard without locking them up. Or put them in your garage if you have one.
  • Tell the police.
  • Put up fliers of your bike.
  • Look around your neighborhood for your bike.
  • Reward the finder.