By Kyli K., 5th grade 

Writing a book? Or just trying to write a short story? Read on for tips of how to be a great writer

Writing sounds boring, doesn’t it? All those words and syllables… you can’t just keep up! All you’re doing is writing words on paper. Right? No, not really. Writing is sort of like an art. Corny, I know, but trust me. You need skill to write whatever you plan on writing.

Whether it’s a poem, or novel, or a short story. You. Need. Skill. That’s the bottom line. How can you get that skill? I hope you’re interested because I am going to tell you.


Words! As simple as that. Use your words. Let’s say you’re writing a book, and your main character just snuck into a room to steal something. Describe the room. Explain where that person’s stuff is, and what it smells like.

Does it smell like rotten bananas, or chocolate chip cookies? Did you come in through a window or a door? What kind of door is it? Back door, front door, basement door? Is there anything suspicious in this room? The choice is yours. You need detail to get the reader interested and to show your audience that you have that special skill.

If you’re describing a person, you have to use A LOT of detail, because humans have A LOT of detail. When you first saw them, what did you think of them? Do you see anything on their face or body that seems unique or… weird in any way? Again, the choice is yours. I hope you recognize that.

Before you write this fantastic book of yours, you have to have a book plan. Not a game plan, a BOOK plan. Remember, you have to write a book plan before you take my advice and write that book. Get a piece of paper and a pencil. Write, BOOK at the top of the page. Then, under that, write PLOT. A plot, AKA book plan, is a plan that you NEED to write down so you don’t forget. It’s the whole story of the book. It’s what the book’s about. You think you can remember it all? You’re wrong! Even if you are KNOWN for a great memory, you need to write down your precious ideas.


1. Don’t forget to write a book plan.

2. Write your book! Don’t forget to write detail!

3. Have your friend or parents check your work. You never know, it could make your book a lot better.

4. Be patient and don’t get frustrated! Remember, a beginning writer can’t be perfect!

Aren’t you happy you read this article? I hope I gave you a little boost of how to write a book and to write a good one, too. I’m writing a book myself. I don’t like to tell anybody what it’s about because one: I’m embarrassed and two: I’m going to try to publish it, so you’ll read it then. Who knows, maybe I’ll become famous someday. Maybe YOU’LL become famous someday. Nobody knows. But you can’t know unless you try.