Our ClustrMaps visitors on February 4, 2013, our first day as a ClustrMaps featured user!

Clustrmaps.com, the folks who provide the cool little visitor map on our web site (for free – no strings!) have made the Edison Light Bulb this this weeks’ Featured User – that means a LOT more visitors to our site!  In the last couple hours, we’ve had visitors from Moscow (Russia), Utica (Michigan, US), Erie (Pennsylvania, US), Dallas (Texas, US), Budapest (Hungary), Salamanca (Spain), Simferopol (Ukraine), Krasnodar (Russia), Los Angeles (California, US), Austin (Texas, US) and, not surprisingly, Eugene!

Welcome to all our new visitors! Most of our bloggers are six to eleven years old.  We hope you enjoy what we’ve created!  Please leave your comments.  We like to hear what you think of our work.