An Interview with John

by Faolan A., 3rd grade

My third grade teacher is John Benson. I think that he is great because he’s funny in class, and if something is hard, he puts it in his own words and makes it easier and more fun. I did an interview with him to find out a little bit about him.

I asked John if he likes being a teacher.  He said, “Yes, I like being a teacher because I get to work with all kinds of neat kids. They are so smart, I learn something new everyday.”  He likes a lot of things besides teaching.  He said, “I love my job but I do have other hobbies.”  He has a cat named Squatchie who is polydactyl and has giant paws.  John’s favorite lunch is a turkey sandwich and an apple.  In his spare time he likes to read a nonfiction books, go to concerts and take pictures.

Back at school, his favorite subject to teach is math because he like to play with puzzles and braingames.  John has been teaching twenty-eight years, the last five at Edison.  That might seem like a long time, but John says he wouldn’t change jobs even if he could.