By Zyan M., 4th grade, and Avery M., 5th grade

Psych is a PG-13 TV show. We think it is funny and interesting. Please ask your parents before you watch because it does have some violence (almost always a murder) and they sometimes say mildly bad words.  The good side of the show is that it’s funny and it can teach you about things like rights.  And if you want to become a lawyer, there are a lot of stuff about law.  The characters are Shawn, Gus, Jules, Lassie, Woody, Henry, and Karen. Shawn and Gus are best friends. Gus is very dramatic. Gus loves American Duos and popcorn with Jif peanut-butter. Shawn is really good at lying. He loves his job being a psychic at the SBPD (Santa Barbara Police Department). We love Psych and we hope you do, too (as long as you’re allowed to watch it).