By Katie W., 2nd Gradelion roaring
Some animals are so amazing you want to learn more about them. I’m here to do that. Listen closely! Monkeys eat mostly bananas, but sometimes they eat other monkeys! It’s part of nature. Tigers are almost extinct now. The poor tigers are being used for hides (skins) and meat! Save the tigers! Those who care, help those tigers because we care about them. Come on, help them! Next, comes the lion! A fierce creature that growls and roars at you! Don’t be afraid, Professor Katie will help you or you can call me Dr. Katie or just plain old Katie. Enough about me. Let’s observe this wild animal. Look at this powerful photo Wolves come next! Come on, say hi. They certainly do mark things and were definitely were hunted for skin. They are my favorite animal. They defend their territory fiercely. People should try to protect animals in the wild and protect them so everyone can learn more about them.