By Sophia B., 4th Grade

Hi, if you want to know about my accomplishments in the 3 sprinting events, (400m., 200m., and 100m.) read on.

I practice at the Hayward Field practice track. I would practice at the actual Hayward Field, but it’s not open to the public, unless you get tickets to a meet, but all that happens in the spring.

Anyway, here are my times: – 100m. 17.00 seconds. 200m. – 38.00 seconds. 400m. – 1 minute, 25.02 seconds (1.25.02). The world record for the 100m. is 10.49 seconds by Florence Griffith-Joyner (USA). The record for the 200m. is 21.34 seconds, again, by Florence Griffith-Joyner. And finally, the world record for the 400m. is 47.60 seconds by Marita Koch (East Germany).

My goals are: 100m., -16.00 seconds, 200m., -36.00 seconds, and 400m., -1 minute, 20.00 seconds. (1.20.00)

You may think that I’m super amazing about only being 7.00 seconds off the world record in the 100m., but 1, 7 seconds is just generally a lot, and 2, it’s crazy hard just to break off 3.00 seconds. But in the 200m. I could break off 4.00 seconds with some pretty hard work and maybe 2-3 months training. My best event is the 400m. The 400m. is the easily the hardest and most rewarding sprint event because of its distance. It’s a whole lap around the track so you have to run at about 90% of your full speed most of the race, and in the end, your body screams out for you to stop because of the hard work and speed you have to maintain throughout the race. At the end you just have to force yourself to finally go at full speed to the finnish line. I’m especially good at this race because my body just doesn’t work for the 100. The 1oom. is just too fast of a race for me. Also, since the 400m. is a slightly longer race, it’s easier to break down seconds. My times for the 400m. put me in the top 10 in the state for my age group. All in all, I’m pretty proud.