By Sophia B., 4th Grade

Allyson Felix is probably one of my favorite track & field athletes ever. London 2012 was her 3rd Olympics and from an interview I watched on TV, it looks like she’s ready for Rio.
Felix earned her 1st individual gold medal in the 200m. (2012 London Summer Olympics) as quick as this: 21.88 seconds. She also ran the 2nd leg in the 4x100m., and 4x400m., helping the US team in the 4×100 set a world record and win gold. Their time was: 40.82 seconds.

As I was saying just earlier, Allyson ran the second leg in the 4x400m. relay, and the US team won gold in 3.16.87. She became the 1st US woman since Florence Griffith-Joyner in Seol, Korea in 1988 to win three gold medals in the same Olympics.
Allyson was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She is 5’6”, and was born on November 18, 1986.
Outside of track and field, Allyson likes to bake things. She says her specialties are German chocolate cake and cinnamon rolls.
In her own words, Felix says she has a Yorkshire Terrier named Chloe who finds time out of her spoiled life to come to the track and run with her every once in a while.

It takes a lot to be an Olympic athlete. Allyson Felix trains and works out for hours and hours every day. She lifts weights, stretches, warms up, does pull ups, and all sorts of other activities to keep herself strong. Part of her every day training includes racing other major track & field athletes.
There were approximately 10,500 athletes in Bejing and 302 medals were given out. With approximately 6.675 billion people in the world, the odds of being an Olympic athlete are 636,000 to 1, but to win a gold is an astounding 22 million to 1.
I really look up to Allyson Felix as an athlete and a role model. She is someone who will definitely make a huge difference in my life.