A table of the Greek alphabet

Here's the Greek alphabet. Source: englishare.net

If you want, you can write in a different alphabet so when you pass a note to your friend and someone finds it they won’t be able to read your message. You could use the Greek alphabet or the Runic alphabet.

When I first started reading the bestselling Percy Jackson books I started  to like Greek mythology. I learned the Greek alphabet. (I’m  actually still working on it.) And that’s how I got into alphabets.

I first discovered the Runic alphabet when I checked out a book from my school library. Inside of it was the Runic alphabet and lots of other cool things, too. I was instantly obsessed with it. I spent hours one day studying it and by the end of the day I had fully memorized it.

And this is Runic.

You can look at the picture below and exchange English letters or sounds for Runic letters or sounds.

And here is the runic alphabet. Source: crystalinks.com