Our Solar System

Image from thinkquest.org

By Katie W., 2nd Grade

My favorite planets and stars are Jupiter, Venus, the Sun, Earth and Pluto. Jupiter is one of my favorites because I think it is big and pretty. Venus has bright colors that I like. The Sun is wonderful because if we didn’t have it then there would be no flowers. Neptune is beautiful and blue. Earth is our planet and the only one that we can live on in the solar system. Uranus is far away and hard to see. Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and named after the Roman god of war. Mercury is the first planet and closest to the sun. Pluto should not have been downgraded because it is still in our solar system. Stars seem twinkling and pretty in the sky.

Space is awesome! If you travel in space, you’ve got to remember to use a juice box like container to make it so that your food does not float around and make a giant messy “sploch” on your spaceship. You also need seat belts, so you don’t float around and bump your head. You’ve to be an adult to go floating around in space! YOU CAN’T BE A BABY FLOATING AROUND SPACE!!!!!! Space is AWESOME!!!

Shuttle to space

Image from nationalgeographic.com