IMG_9102By Margaux P., 3rd Grade

I asked Kirsten (or Kirsti), the Student Publishers instructor, some questions about Publishing. And, since you all can probably see pretty well, you can see them right here. Oh, and their answers. Right. No delay! Hey, did you hear about– What? Oh! Sorry! Well, here they are…

Margaux: Why do you do Student Publishers?
Kirsten: “I do it because I enjoy helping students be creative and giving kids a chance to investigate, write about or create things they’re excited about.”

Margaux: How long have you been doing it?
Kirsten: “I have been doing a version of the Edison Light Bulb as an after school program since 2006, but the first newspaper I helped students create came out in 1991.”

Margaux: Do you want to keep doing it?
Kirsten: “Yes, I want to keep doing it. In every class kids come up with things I never expected.”

Margaux: Did you start it?
Kirsten: “I started it. We did the first few editions during school, and then I turned it into an afterschool program. We even published one edition during a summer camp.”

Margaux: Do you enjoy it?
Kirsten: “I love it. 99.9% of the time I love it.  The best part is getting to know students and seeing how creative they can be. I also like helping them learn to work together, try new things, and be aware of their strengths as well as things they still need to work on.”

Margaux: Why do you do it?
Kirsten: “At the time, I was doing professional development – teaching teachers to teach – but I felt I was running out of fresh ideas, so I thought if I was going to teach teachers, I also needed to be a kids’ teacher. I couldn’t do that full time, so I decided to create my own program. I’m really glad I did. It’s one of the best parts of my week.”

Yeah. So… That is pretty much it. You go read another article. Stop staring at my article! What? What’s that? You’re trying read it? Oh… Sorry, I just wanted to tell you that there is nothing left to read! Well, goodbye, see ya soon…