By Katie W., 4th Grade

On February 5, seven students from the Edison Light Bulb had a chance to go to Digital Learning Day at Cesar Chavez Elementary School to show people how you can write and learn with technology. Students showed adults including teachers, parents, school board members and even the 4J Superintendent copies of our print paper and blog. Superintendent Shelley Berman was impressed with how many different countries that had visited our blog (at that time it was over 100 countries and counting). Superintendent Berman commented “Wow, that sounds like a lot of work. That is really impressive.”

Image provided by K. Haugen

Talking with Superintendent Berman. (Image provided by K. Haugen)


School Board members Beth Gerot, Craig Smith and Jim Torrey also stopped by to talk to Edison Light Bulb staff about what they do in publishing and how they use technology. Jim Torrey was interested in the over 7,000 unique visitors that the blog had gotten and offered to talk with the students about some of the countries that he had visited. Edison Light Bulb staff showed people who came by the table how they wrote articles, did research and posted to the blog using technology. Digitial Learning Day was a great success for the Edison Light Bulb and we were happy to be

Image provided by K. Haugen

Meeting Board Member Craig Smith (Image provided by K. Haugen)

invited. Hopefully, all the new people we met will read our blog and pass it along to their friends and families.