Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

By Alex K., 3rd Grade

You can make a machine that can change the weather. This idea was inspired by Cloudy with a Chance of Meat Balls, the movie.

  • You take two metal pipes about 2 inches in diameter and as tall as you can get them.
  • You stick them about five feet into the ground.
  • You buy or (make) one generator that shoots a lightning bolt and another generator that puts a source code into the lightning bolt.
  • Put underground plastic tubing to connect the two pipes.
  • Put the source code generator underground next to the pipes and connect it with a special wire that sticks in the plastic tubing.
  • Put the generator that shoots the bolt above ground and connect it to the top of the first pole with a plastic tube.
  • Shoot a lightning bolt through the tubing that is going from the generator to the top of the pipe.

The generator is on until you turn it off, and the lightning bolt goes past and the source code runs through it.

Once you have shot the lightning bolt through the source code process it will shoot up into the atmosfear* and rain whatever you want, like meatballs or cream wafers!

When I build this, I could maybe hook it up to the weather forecaster’s computer.  Then on the news, it will show or tell what you chose to fall from the sky!


  • Don’t let anybody under the age of eight use this machine
  • Ask your parents if you’re allowed to use it (but it’s okay not to tell them what it’s going to rain)

*our preferred spelling

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