By Aiden T., 5th Grade

Have you ever wondered why adults don’t want you to play video games? It is probably because they think it is unhealthy and a waste of time. Following these easy steps will probably help you to have more “game time.”

  1. Tell your parents video games are a fun and exciting way for the whole family to be together. If that doesn’t convince them then…
  2. Always have a sports game in the pile because they are probably going to pull the unhealthy and overweight arguments on you. Tell them Wii sports helps you move around a lot.
  3. When you have played enough of the Wii sports or something, then show them that you are sweaty and tired and they might agree.
  4. If they say yes then start playing something that involves sitting down and your parents will be neutral. : )

Try this and let me know how it goes.  Use the comments below or leave a note for me at school.