a bento lunch from Ume

A bento lunch from Ume. Source: K Haugen

By Kate V., 5th grade
Hello all! Ume is a food cart that is currently catering to OUR school! Later, I will publish an interview with Mama Ume (Helen). They serve Japanese-inspired cuisine and bento boxes.
At Edison, they serve bento boxes with: – a rice ball, with some beans in it and wrapped in seaweed – your choice of Marinated Chicken, All-Natural Sirloin or Tofu (and some sauce!) – Edamame and a slice of orange & a slice of strawberry – The extras are nori, which is seaweed;
mochi, a soft gelatin-like treat and some candy! Also, Ume will serve their food and Hawaiian shaved ice at our local pool this summer. I will publish the interview soon so you can get a better view about Ume! Bye for now, Kate