by Avery and Natalie, 4th Grade

You’ve heard of Zorzes (of courzes)! But have you heard of Raigs? No?  That’s because Dr. Natalie H. and Dr. Avery M. just made it up. It’s 1/2 pig, 1/2 rat (how’s that?). Here are some other animals we mixed:

A Morid:  this awesome animal eats bananas and worms and it likes to fly up side down and takes watches and money from visitors on the beach. I almost forgot they live in the rain forest and they, are a mix of a monkey and a bird look they even made a drawing of one!!


A morid By Nataile H.

Q: What does a cow a play?

A: A mookalayly!!!!!!!!!!!


Q: What does a bird do when he’s in trouble?

A:He wings it!!!!!!!!!


Q: What is a dog and a puppy mixed together?

A: A puppy dog!!!!!!!


Q:What’s a bunny and a rabbit mixed together?

A: A bunny rabbit!!!!!!!!!


Q: What bug invented the slug bug car?

A: A slug named bug…   Get it?  A SLUG NAMED BUG!!!