By Jordan & Lea, 4th Grade

Do you want a dog?  This quiz might help figure out what breed you want.  We thought  it would be more fun to turn it into a quiz.  We hope you learn a lot! There are answers at the end of the page. Let’s get started!


a dog with big ears

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1. Which is the biggest dog breed?

a. great dane

b. golden retriever

c. newfoundland

d. mastiff

2. Which dog breed is the smallest

a. pug

b. chihuahua

c.yorkshire terrier

d. toy poodle

3. Which is the slowest dog breed?

a. pekingese

b. dachshund

c. pug

d. vizla

4. Which is the fastest dog breed?

a. greyhound

b. whippet

c. border collie

d. vizla

5. Which of these breeds is not a lap dog?

a. yorkshire terrier

b. maltese

c. toy poodle

d. bichon frise

6. Which of these breeds is a herding dog?

a. australian shepard

b. welch corgi

c. black tailed collie

d. golden retriever

7. Which dog breed is the least intelligent?

a. papillion

b. beagle

c. doberman pincher

d. maltese

8. Which dog breed is best with babies?

a. poodle

b. labrador retriever

c. golden retriever

d. red necked cattle dog

Answers below:




 1d  2b  3a 4a 5c 6a 7b 8c