By Massimo, 5th Grade

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The Samsung Galaxy S 3 is out!!!!!!! It comes with a huge screen and as many apps as the iPhone has on the app store. When you play music it sounds like one of those speakers that cost like a million dollars . When you play a game on the S 3 it is so fun. It’s back is very smooth.

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The iPhone 5 also has a bigger screen. It has super fast wireless speed that doesn’t drain battery. The design is slim on the sides (7.6 millimeters) and the back is smooth so it is comfortable to hold  in your hand. The chip is supposed to be very fast so that for example loading a game doesn’t take a decade. It weighs only 112 grams that means it is pretty light weight

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 I think the Samsung Galaxy S 3 is better than the iPhone 5 for gaming and listening to music. Bit the iPhone 5 is better for work and phone calls. So if you are a business geek get the iPhone 5, but if you are a hard core gamer or you are a gangnam style fan get the Samsung Galaxy S 3.


Thank you for reading my article on the 2 phones!!!!! 🙂