By Avery M., summer 2012

Here is a quiz that I made up.

  • You can’t find your shoe what do you do? A: Ask people in your family “have you seen my shoe?” B: One word PANIC!!! C: Who needs shoes!!
  •  You want a cat and a dog but you can only get one.  Which one would you get? A: Cat. B: Dog. C: Get a hamster!!
  • You want a super a power. What would you get?  A: Fly, it’s calm B: To turn in to an alien C: Super powers AAAaaaahhhhh!!!
  • You are stuck inside a bubble what do you do? A: Sit, stay. B: Scream!! C: Say “Am I a bubble princess?”
  • ( Last one ) What do you like to do? A: Read  B: Play with the dog  C: Stare at a hamster!

Your Results:

Mostly A’s:  you are calm, you are a great student (maybe a little too calm!)

Mostly B’s:  you run all day, you are happy and never tire

Mostly C’s:  you are happy, a little crazy, never scared; you think that what ever you do is fine

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