By Jarrett B., 3rd Grade

  • Hey peeps, I love werewolf babies.

"Bean the werewolf baby" by JarrettOnce upon a time, a werewolf baby walked by.  He thought he was amazingly cute, but he was amazingly scary.  Whenever there was a full moon he ran in circles. Everyone got scared and ran away so fast, they ran around the world!!! When they came back they saw the baby and FAINTED!!!

The next day he tried to get attention and he did!!!  But he got negative attention. 🙁

The day after that, the weather guy said it’s not going to be a full moon. Bean (the werewolf baby) was so happy. That night he suddenly grew! He was now 86! He thought he was a handsome 24 year old prince. So he went and tried to go and marry Cinderella .  Cinderella saw the 86 year old man and screamed!!! He flirted with the princess but he acted so strange, it looked like someone had hit him with a sharp icicle!!! Cinderella said,”You are so not my type!”  At the exact same time her stepmother came and said to Bean, “Hey, how old are you? If you are 86 we should get together.” Then Bean said “I am 86 years old!”  Some how her stepmother had read his mind!  The godmother started chasing Bean while Cinderella just stood there! Bean said,”My life is a horror!!!”

And he lived happily ever after

The End

Illustration: “Bean the Werewolf Baby” by Jarrett