by Fatou F., 5th Grade

I did a review on Phillippe N’dor for the translation for his song.  Now I’m going to tell you a little bit about Senegal, Africa, where Phillippe N’Dor is from. My parents were also born in Senegal. So that makes me half African.

Phillippe is raised from a very rich family. His mom is a very famous singer. His uncle is the most famous person aside from the president. That just reminded me:  there is a big thing in Senegal. Phillippe’s uncle is trying to run for president. The person who is president is trying to be president again and the people do not want him to be president again. Now there is so much violence in Senegal. Now about Phillippe’s family oh where was I? Yes, okay, his dad is a producer and his sister is an actress.

That is all I know about his family.